Related Links

Below are a few links to other websites that may be interesting and useful for you. If you’re looking for some particular information, please let us know and we’ll try to help you.

AAA—Australian Alpaca Association

The AAA website is a wonderful source of information, history, contacts, events and various data to assist you with all your questions.

We recommend that all new breeders join the association to ensure best practices and a quality industry is ensured.

AAA VER—Victorian Eastern Region

The Eastern Region of the AAA is very helpful for local shows and meetings, and also to discuss local issues and information with those in our area. This website keeps us up to date with what’s happening!

Yarra Valley Regional Tourism Assoc

If you plan to visit us in the Yarra Valley, check out what else is happening in the area.

From food, accommodation to tours and activities, there is always something here!

Yarra Valley Wine

You can’t go through the valley without trying some wines along the way!

What a great way to warm up this winter!

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