Our Alpacas for Sale

Below is a list of the current Alpacas we have for sale. Each Alpaca shown below has more details provided on the following pages (either click on their photo or name to access this detail). The males can be wethered and the prices reduced to $550 incl GST per animal. If you have a specific budget, please talk to us about what package deals we can offer.

Adonia Romeo

Romeo is a wethered male born 24/12/2005.

Micron 20.31 CF 96.75%

Price: $550.00

Adonia Mocha Echlair

Mocha Eclair is a maiden female born 01/06/2006.

Micron 23.24 CF 93.35%

Price: $3,850

Adonia Tango

Tango is an entire male born 03/01/2007.

Micron 21.35 CF 96.6%

Price: SOLD

Adonia Celeste

Celeste is a lovely maiden female born 22/09/2005.

Micron 24.61 CF 88.05%

Price: $5,940

Adonia Cupid

Cupid is an entire male born 30/12/2006.

Micron 16.75 CF 98.75%

Price: $4,950.00